Talks and more: invited speaker/lecturer/workshop convener

  • 27 September 2019
    How Innovation in Libraries Supports Open Humanities Research (joint talk with Aisha Al Abdulla, QU Library) at Qatar National Library OA week.
QNL, joint presentation, 27 October 2019
  • 11 September 2019
    How to open a GLAM Lab? The first international guidebook. CLaDA eInfrastructure Guest talk, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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With Prof. Kiril Simov, Coordinator of CLaDA-BG, and Prof. Romyana Preshlenova, Director of the Institute for Balkan Studies, host of the talk
  • April 2019
    Student Seminar on User Studies for Digital Library Development, Library and Information Science Program within the Department of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawai, USA.
  • February 2019
    Invited speaker, Research Data Management and Digital Humanities seminar, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.
  • December 2019
    Academic Chair, International Advanced Masterclass on Open Science Infrastructures in Big Cultural Data, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Introducing the event
  • September 2018
    Panellist, BL Labs workshop, The British Library, London, UK.
Panel, BL Labs workshop 2018
  • July 2018
    Invited speaker on Research Data Management. Summer school on big data. Sofia University, Bulgaria.
  • November 2017
    Keynote speaker (jointly with Gillian Oliver), Digital Curation in Archives: Stages, Solutions, Skills, 13th EASTICA General Conference and Seminar on Selection and Preservation of Digital Documentary Heritage, Guiyang, China.
  • October 2017
    Invited Speaker, Back to the future? Digital preservation needs of future users anticipated today. PREFORMA International Conference: Shaping our future memory standards, Tallinn, Estonia.
  • October 2017
    Invited speaker, Research Data Management in the Middle East: The Infrastructures in Qatar. 7th International Conference Development Challenges: A Future Vision, Kuwait.
  • September 2017
    Invited Speaker, Research Data Management: Differences across Disciplines and Library Practices. International Symposium Management of Cultural Heritage and Libraries in Local Governments, Bursa, Turkey.
  • December 2016
    Invited speaker, Digital Heritage Content Creation in Intergenerational Oral History Projects: A Tale of Two Projects, and Desired and Undesired Consequences, Scottish Network on Digital Cultural Resources Evaluation. EDCR 2016 symposium, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • March 2016
    Guest speaker, iSchool at the University of Pittsburgh (talk on citizen science within their Digital Humanities year). Pittsburgh, USA.
  • January 2016
    Invited talk at the convention Technology meets Scholarship, or how Handwritten Text Recognition will Revolutionize access to archival collections, CO:OP and READ projects Marburg, Germany.
  • April 2015
    Panellist, Archival cooperation and community building in the Digital Age, ICARUS-ENArC conference, Prague, Czech Republic
  • November 2014
    Workshop convener, Big data in digital cultural heritage, EuroMed Conference, Limassol, Cyprus.
  • April 2014
    Invited speaker, What Works Conference on Fostering Quality Teaching – How to maximise the added value of the student experience? OECD conference, Paris, France.
  • June 2013
    Tutorial convener, User studies in DL development, JCDL conference, Washington DC, USA.
  • July 2012
    Invited lecture on User studies in archives, Summer school on Access to Digital Archives, Summer University Budapest, Hungary.
  • October 2011
    Invited Lecturer, International Master in Digital Libraries (DILL), Parma, Italy.
  • May 2011
    Workshop convener, User studies for digital libraries development, delivered jointly with Pierluigi Feliciati, ELAG 2011, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • May 2011
    Workshop convener, User studies for digital libraries, jointly with Pierluigi Feliciati, SEEDI 2011, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • November 2010
    Workshop for cultural heritage professionals on User Studies in Digital Libraries, jointly with Pierluigi Feliciati and Maria Teresa Natale, EVA Conference, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • October 2006
    Postgraduate Course Applications of ICT to Museums, Volterra, Italy.
  • November 2005 Workshop for Serbia and Montenegro Digitization in Service of Preservation and Presentation of the Cultural and Environmental, Material and Intangible Heritage, organised by The British Council and the French Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • August 2001
    Coordinator and academic director, summer school Electronic Publishing for Cultural Heritage, funded by the Marie Curie Programme of the EC, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • September 2000 Training Course on the Preservation of Paper Materials in Central and Eastern Europe, Pula, Croatia, UNESCO Venice Office – University Library of Pula.
  • March 2000
    Electronic Publishing programme, Centre for Advanced Media, Prague. Training for Lithuanian specialists.
  • August 1999
    Academic Director, Summer school Digitisation of Mediaeval Manuscripts, Sofia
  • July 1998
    Academic Director, Summer school Application of Information Technologies to Biblical Studies, Sofia
  • July 1997
    Invited faculty, summer school course Digitizing Mediæval Manuscripts HESP-CEU, Budapest, Hungary.
  • July 1996
    Invited faculty, summer school course Encoding Slavonic Manuscripts, HESP-CEU, Budapest