Registration closing soon – 1st DTCE Conference #DigitalTransformation #GLAM

Digital transformation is one of the hot topics across all sectors these days – and the GLAM institutions are no exception! It may look strange how the pandemic contributed to the interest in the strategic discussions what does digital transformation mean and how to coin a working institutional strategy. This became an area in which I started consulting back in 2020 and it is a great experience.

In these times, the Digital Transformation Section of the Serbian Library Association started a very needed series of international events which aims to bring together academics, practitioners, students to explore what are the advances in digital transformations in culture and education. The 1st International Online Conference on Digital Transformation in Culture and Education (DTCE) will take place over 3 days, 14-16 April 2021 online.

The programme of the conference is rich both in terms of topics/approaches and the geographical origin of the participants. The registration closes on 13 April – secure your place for the days of interest!

I was pleased to have an opportunity to contribute to the organizing committee of the conference. It was great to see the great interest to the call for presentations, and the conference now has a great line up of guest speakers and contributions. Please stay tuned for updates on a special issue with papers from the event.

And one can only be sorry this is not a conference hosted in Serbia with its unique hospitality and local flavour! Hopefully, the next event will be possible to attend!

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