Celebrating the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in Qatar

A webinar in Arabic on the Preserving Audiovisual Heritage in the Arab Region: Resources for Archivists, Librarians and Collectors

Today (27 October) is the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. In the last year, UCL Qatar had a very fruitful collaboration with the British Library Qatar Foundation Partnership and the Qatar National Library on exploring what audiovisual heritage is available in Qatar and in the wider region, and what can be done to make it more accessible. Huge thanks to Hazem Jamjoum form the British Library, and to Stephane Ipert, Vasilena Sekulova and Maxim Nasra from the Distinctive Collections Department of QNL and the IFLA PAC Regional Center for Arab Countries and the Middle East, and to Amirah Al Sarraj from UCL Qatar for working on this collaboration. The final event for this collaboration is taking place today (27 October 2020) from 4 to 6 pm AST (Arabian Standard Time, GMT+3) and is delivered in Arabic – this is one of the very few events which cater for the Arabic speaking audiences interested in audiovisual collections and preservation.

To join the event please find further information here.


The event will feature Manoubia Hermi, curator and head of the National Sound Archive at the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music in Tunisia, and Hazem Jamjoum, Gulf History Audio Curator at the British Library, in a conversation on audiovisual preservation in the Arab region.

During this event, the speakers will present two new resources for audiovisual preservation that are the product of cooperation between Qatar National Library, the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music, the British Library, and UCL- Qatar. The first of these is an information resource for the identification of audiovisual carriers and best practices for their conservation and preservation. The second is the launch of a survey of audiovisual collections across the MENA region. The session will be moderated by Maxim Nasra, Book Conservation Specialist at the Qatar National Library. 

And a personal note – last event of UCL Qatar

This month offered several last events for UCL Qatar… The last one for our programme was co-hosting the 5th Library and Information Association Forum on 8 October. Then we had the last international event, the 2nd Museum Big Data in Cyprus, Nicosia last week. But this event today is the very very last one we are involved in.

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