A new report by Culture24 for Europeana explores the dimensions of digital transformation agenda and GLAMs

“It is not organisations that struggle to change, it is people.” (p. 21)

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live and work. It also put pressure on institutions which we would see as third places, such as all GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) to focus on transitioning from places to platforms. We already have seen reports which assessed how successful was this transition, for example in the museum sector.

In this period, Europeana did an amazing job of bringing together professionals from the GLAM community to discuss what the pandemic meant in their institutions and to imagine and chart what the future will bring for these sectors. Europeana Foundation also commissioned a report on the topic of digital transformation which is now available. Culture24 prepared the report, and this blog post focuses on the importance of Digitally Literate Leadership.

The report can be downloaded from this page which also provides some background to the research. 

I was happy to discuss the digital transformation theme with Jane Finnis from Culture24. I am also very pleased to see our ‘Open a GLAM Lab’ book is featured in the report. I hope this new report will inspire more GLAM institutions to explore what digital transformation means for them.

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