Charting the Future(s) of Digital Publishing: Share your views at ElPub2020 in Doha, Qatar

Next week is the International Publishing week and we are spreading just in time for it the invitation to academics and practitioners who wish to share their insights on the future of digital publishing to have a look at the call for papers of the 24th ElPub conference which will take place on 18-21 April 2020 in Doha, Qatar.

Image result for ucl qatarThe conference will address the general theme Charting the Future(s) of Digital Publishing. It will be hosted by UCL Qatar, a centre of excellence in cultural heritage studies in Qatar located in the Education City in Doha.

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Doha Skyline (CC BY2.0 Francisco Anzola)

This is the first edition of the conference coming to the Middle East after multiple events in Europe, North America and one South American edition. The Middle East is a great place to come together with colleagues from the East and West and hear more diverse points of view what will happen next and how changes in publishing influence the life of academics, learners and all citizens.

The local organising committee is working towards providing support to authors of accepted papers to attend.

This is the list of topics of particular interest:

  • Theoretical aspects of digital publishing

    • Methods to forecast future trends in digital publishing

    • Driving forces for changing the digital publishing landscape

    • New insights into readers and reading

    • Synergies of publishing and media

    • The evolution of business models in digital publishing

    • Regulation of publishing

    • Digital divide and the future digital publishing

  • New technological developments
    • Artificial Intelligence and scholarly publishing

    • Mobile publishing

    • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in publishing

    • Social networks and publishing

    • Tools for measuring quality in digital publishing and emerging metrics

  • Digital publishing, openness and academia

    • Digital publishing reshaped by open access and open science

    • Self-publishing

    • Publishing, metrics and research evaluation

  • New roles of libraries

    • Libraries as publishers

    • Data publication and management

    • Innovation labs for experimentation with digital content

    • New ways of supporting scholars and learners

  • Coping with scale

    • Scholarly communication infrastructures and publishing

    • Big scale digital publishing

    • Publishing and managing big data

  • Skills

    • New professional skills for the future of publishing

    • Digital publishing and new literacies

  • Other relevant topics

Submit your paper preparing it using this template: elpub2020_template.

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