Understanding Researchers’ Needs in Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage Collections

research taskforce

Battle between Carnival and Lent – Bosch, Jheronimus (c.1600 – 1620, Rijksmuseum, Netherlands, Public domain) – a thought-provoking metaphor on the clashes of needs and desires

Earlier this year I joined the group of experts working on the Europeana Task Force on Research Requirements. The task force is exploring the complex landscape of needs of researchers working with digital collections. One of the key topics for the task force is the re-use of digital content. Until the end of October 2019 the task force is gathering opinions from scholars via a survey.

If you are doing research and use digital collections, please spare 10-15 minutes and add your voice to the over 200 responses we already have!

The results will be shared at the Europeana conference 2019 under the theme Connect Communities in Lisbon on 27-29 November 2019.

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